Release Notes

Here are the changes we document in the Release Notes:

  • New Features - Brand new functionality designed to make Unlimited Subitems exceptional.
  • Updates - Changes we've made, large and small, that we want you to be aware of.
  • Bug Fixes - Issues we've resolved to make the app work as intended.

Version 2.32.0 - 10th June 2024


  • We've changed the link to the documentation from the Help menu (accessed from the question mark icon) to ensure it takes you to the correct location.

Version 2.31.0 - 18th March 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the color of status cells was not updating correctly 
  • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to create unlimited subitems in the Main Workspace

Version 2.28.0 - 19th February 2024


  • To reduce the need for scrolling we have added auto-sizing for column width. When there is available information columns are sized to match their size on the main board. has changed its versioning system, removing major vs minor versions. All versions will now be pushed out to users automatically. There is no need to take any action to receive the latest version of Unlimited Subitems.

Version 2.27.0 - 5th February 2024


  • Added a warning screen to inform users if their license has expired.
  • Updated the error message shown to users who only have viewer permissions. It now explains why they can't access the app.

Version 2.26.0 - 8th January 2024


  • Added a dynamic loading screen message. Now, you will be notified if the page needs extra time to load due to a large number of items.

Version 2.25.0 - 27th October 2023


  • Fixed an issue that occurred in boards with large numbers of subitems; Only the first 105 subitems would show.

Version 2.24.0 - 25th October 2023


  • Fixed an issue where some child subitems were lost when moving parent subitems around the board.
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