Clear Field(s)

The Clear Field(s) post function clears the selected fields when an issue transitions to another status.

For example, after an issue transitions from In Development to With QA I want the time estimate field to be cleared so the new team can add an accurate time estimation for this stage. 

This post function should be positioned before any other field update post functions. For example, if you have the Set Issue Security, or Assign to Last Role Member post function on the same transition, these should trigger after the Clear Field(s) post function.

  1. Select the Clear Field(s) [ScriptRunner] post function.
    For details on how to navigate to ScriptRunner workflow functions, see Navigating to Workflow Functions.

  2. Enter a description of the post function in Note.

  3. Optionally, add a Condition for which the post function will run, for example, when the user transitioning is part of a certain group.
    If this is left blank, the post function is always triggered.

  4. Click Update.