Set Issue Security

Useful for setting the security level on an issue according to some criteria about the issue or the reporter etc. Better to do it in an automated fashion than risk leaking information.

To set this up just specify the condition (multiple sample conditions are provided), and the desired issue security level. These are grouped by issue security level scheme…​ if you are applying this to multiple projects they should all use the same issue security level scheme. If the scheme or level doesn’t exist a message will be logged in your application log file, but other than that the user will not be alerted.

It didn't set the desired security level?

  • Check your condition using in the condition tester admin script

  • Ensure your project is using the same scheme as you specified in the script options

  • Check the positioning of the function - it should be above the "store the issue" function, or for the create transition, above the "Creates the issue originally" function