Adding a Condition Workflow Extension

To access ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud workflow extensions, click the Cog icon to open the Settings menu and select Issues. You will see a list of Jira issues displayed and a sidebar menu containing a Workflows option.

Once opened, a list of Active and Inactive workflows are displayed along with several other options that enable you to work with ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud workflow extensions in a number of ways. These include:

  • Add workflow - Enter a name and description for the workflow and click Add to create a new workflow. 
  • Import from Marketplace - Click to import a workflow from the Atlassian Marketplace.
  • View - Click to view your chosen workflow.
  • Edit - Click to open your chosen workflow and make edits as required.
  • Copy - Click to copy your chosen workflow which you will need to rename.

By way of example, if you would like to add a Condition, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Edit for your chosen workflow. The workflow opens with the Diagram view displayed as default. You can switch to Text view if preferred.
  2. Select a transition from within the Diagram view. An example of a transition might include Screening or Interviewing for a recruitment workflow. A list of associated workflow functions is displayed for the selected transition including Conditions, Validators, Post Functions, Triggers, and Properties. You can also click the Add Status or Add Workflow buttons to create new options.
  3. Click the workflow function type you wish to add/edit, for this example we will choose Conditions. The Transition screen shows a list of all conditions set up for this transition.
  4. Click Add Condition. Under Add Condition to Transition a list of available conditions is shown.
  5. Select the ScriptRunner Script option from the menu and click Add.

Once added, you can return to the list of Active and Inactive workflows mentioned earlier and view, edit or copy the newly created workflow if required. Alternatively, you can quickly access workflows via the Workflows tab within ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud at any time. From here you can make edits or disable your chosen workflow, as described below:

  1. Navigate to ScriptRunner → Workflows. All existing workflows are displayed as default.
  2. Select your preferred type of workflow from the Type drop down list. You will now see a refined list displayed.
  3. Click the Actions ellipsis for your preferred workflow and select either Edit or Disable.

  • If you choose to disable the chosen workflow, you simply confirm this via a confirmation message once prompted.
  • If you choose to edit the chosen workflow, you will see the workflow details screen displayed from where you can make the required edits. For example: