Script Console

What is the Script Console?

The Script Console enables you to run one-off ad hoc scripts and helps you learn and experiment with the Jira REST API from ScriptRunner. 

How to Use the Script Console

You can either enter the script you want to run directly in the Script field or choose an example script from the Examples drop down list. 

You can use the Script Console to:

  • Run a script to display information.
  • Run a one-off clean up task.
  • Make one-off or bulk updates to issues, projects, users, versions etc.

For example, as an admin, you have been given a list of users who have left the company. For security reasons, you need to remove these users as soon as possible. Usually, you would need to search for each name individually and manually delete each user. However, I can enter the list of user names and bulk delete all of them in one action using a script in the Script Console.

Using the Script Console is an easy way to make bulk changes to issues returned by a JQL query. For example, I can look for issues with linked support cases and no watchers so I can then automatically add the linked support cases reporter to the related bug as a watcher.

Take our ScriptRunner Tour to help you get started with the Script Console and gain access to helpful videos and demos.

Before you start

Learn how to modify existing scripts in the Script Console.

Broaden your horizons by exploring the Adaptavist Library for Script Console script examples.

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