This section explains ScriptRunner for Confluence Cloud, giving explanations of features and settings.

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Welcome to your Confluence toolbox! With ScriptRunner for Confluence you can do the following and more.

Maintain Confluence more easily

Make your Confluence maintenance a breeze with built-in scripts that allow you to:

  • Find content more easily with improved label management

  • Structure work more easily by copying sets of pages

  • Test changes or archive content easily by copying an entire space

  • Clear up your spaces by deleting unnecessary content in bulk

Automate everyday tasks

Create automations that makes your instance more efficient and powerful. Script Listeners & Script Jobs allow you to do things like:

  • Delete Old Comments

  • Regularly clean spaces by deleting old page versions

  • Add a comment to old pages

  • Never miss any new content from a user by automatically watching all of their new content

  • Checks if a forbidden/incorrect word is used in a page and adds a comment if it is

Integrate with other apps

Automate functionally, promote good practice, and ensure tasks/content doesn’t slip through the cracks by integrating Confluence with your other apps.

ScriptRunner allows you to:

  • Automate your workflow by creating a Jira project whenever a Confluence page is created

  • Pull data from external systems displaying it in Confluence via the REST API, like Xero, SalesForce and Trello.