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Here are the changes we document in the Release Notes:

  • New Features - Brand new functionality designed to make Integrate Plus for and Slack an exceptional app.
  • Updates - Changes we've made, large and small, that we want you to be aware of.
  • Bug Fixes - Issues we've resolved to make Integrate Plus for and Slack work as intended.

17 January 2024

Product launch! 

We are excited to announce the official launch of Integrate Plus for and Slack!  🥳

Slack and users, this app's for you! Boost your productivity by reducing platform-switching. You can do all kinds of cool things to your boards without leaving your favorite Slack channels!

The app allows you to:

  • Create new board items
  • Update existing board items
  • Assign board items
  • Add updates to board items
  • Change the status of board items
  • Move board items to other groups

All from the comfort of your most useful Slack channels. 🥰 So cool! 

Try it for free at the marketplace.

App Walkthrough

Curious? Check out this 15:00 demo!

Talk to us!  💬

We have a Nolt board for Integrate Plus for and Slack so you can share ideas and steer future app development!

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