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There are a couple of questions we hear a lot. Here are their answers:

  • What's the maximum number of issues that can be loaded by Hierarchy for Jira
    Hierarchy for Jira can load up to 10,000 issues from any project or filter. There's no longer a limit on the number of children an issue can have, only on the total number of issues that can be loaded in the app.

  • Why is my filter no longer showing all of my issues?
    The latest update of Hierarchy for Jira changed the way filters display issues. If your filter only includes issues at the top level, you need to edit the filter to include ALL issues in your hierarchy. The previous version of the app displayed children issues automatically, but the latest version of the app applies filter logic more strictly.
    To make sure the tree view works as intended, we’d recommend refining the JQL filter to query all issues and their subordinate issues, such as this: parentEpic in (AP-9,AP-7,AP-123)

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