Radio Matrix


The radio matrix macro allows you quickly set up a table format of radio buttons for multiple questions from which the user can select one answer per row. 

This type of question is common as a form of rating. 


  1. Create your form using the Forms for Confluence macro.
  2. Add the Forms - Radio Matrix macro to the form.
  3. Set a Name for the matrix.
  4. Set a Label for the matrix; this will appear next to the radio matrix options.

    1. (Optional) Set a Description for the group.
  5. Define columns and rows for the radio matrix option:
    1. Set a Label
    2. Set a Value 
    3. Choose which column option should be preselected
  6. Save the macro. A graphical placeholder of the macro will be added to the page.
    Placeholder for the Radio Matrix macro while viewing in edit mode.
  7. Preview or Save the page to see the final Radio Matrix.
    Example of the rendered Radio Matrix macro.
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