Release 6.x

Release Notes 6.0

New features

  • Conditional Fields - The new Conditional Fields macro lets you customize form behavior based on user input.
    • You can build your forms to display or hide specific fields based on the selected options. It’s better for user experience, simplifying the choices they need to make, and it means you should see better competitive rates and more accurate information being submitted.
    • Check out this post for more info


  • Integration with Jira - Forms for Confluence Version 6.0.0 adds powerful integration with Jira through ScriptRunner for Jira. This means that you can now use Forms for Confluence to create and manage Jira issues.
    • We’re excited about this functionality and how it extends, integrates, and automates Confluence and Jira.
    • Use it for on-boarding forms, bug reporting, project requests, or wherever you want to initiate or inform Jira workflows from Confluence.