Best Practices

When using Enhanced Search for Jira Cloud, it's worth establishing some good practices from the outset.

  • Ensure JQL keywords are synced. It can appear to users that their JQL queries don't work, when in actual fact they just haven't been synced.

  • As there are timeout limitations in the cloud, you should endeavour to reduce the complexity of queries and make them as small as possible to avoid these.

  • Use the insert function dialog where possible to build queries as this helps get the correct syntax.

  • For ScriptRunner queries copied from online posts, caution is advised as these may be related to ScriptRunner for server. Many of these have a different syntax and may show up as an invalid query.

  • Ensure filters are synced when powering dashboards, or Agile boards, so that issues returned by a JQL query are up to date.

  • Avoid tweaking permissions for the Add On User as this can result in many functions not working as expected. This is particularly the case in relation to restricting permissions.

  • Use IDs rather than names in ES functions, where possible.

  • You are strongly advised to understand the differences in functions between server and cloud and refer to the documentation.  Many features differ, and some functions/ keywords will exist but have a different name, such as the hasLinks keyword for example which is numberOfLinks in server.