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Theme Builder 3.0 introduces a range of new features aimed directly at Confluence System Administrators in Enterprise environments...

Top Question: Does it modify Confluence? What if I later remove the theme from a space?

Theme Builder is only a theme - it doesn't modify Confluence in any way and you can easily interchange it with other themes.


Theme Builder 3.0 and above fully support clustered Confluence environments allowing to scale your wiki with ease:

– pic depicting clustered wiki –

Theme data is now stored in the database for improved performance and reliability.

Manage Spaces

This new feature allows you to centrally manage theme selection and layouts for all spaces in your wiki:

– pic –

The sortable grid allows you to not only review, but also change theme selection and layout for any space in your wiki without having to navigate to that space.


You can filter the list based on space type, title and team labels, making it much quicker to locate one or more spaces.

– pic showing filter panel –

Bulk Update

Instantly apply a theme settings to multiple spaces - perfect for rolling out a new theme or mass-locking layout selections:

– pic of bulk update panel –

Now when the boss asks you to apply a theme to hundreds of spaces, it takes minutes not days!

Layout Locking

The new layout lock feature allows you to lock the Theme Builder layout for any space, preventing space administrators from changing it:

– pic –

If you remove the other themes (Left Navigaton, Clickr, etc) this gives you unprecedented control over theme selection throughout your entire wiki.


Use global permissions to delegate control to theme developers, freeing up your time for other tasks:

– pic of global perms –

By restricting access to more advanced options like HTML, JavaScript, CSS and menus you can further reduce support issues.

Theme Defaults

Set the default layout for personal and global spaces, complete with on-screen preview, and optionally lock the layout:

– pic –

Backup and Restore

These new options allow you to backup and restore one or all layouts from a central location making it far easier to copy layouts between Confluence clusters:

– pic of backup / restore –

Performant and Platform Agnostic

We've spent literally thousands of man-hours fine-tuning almost every aspect of the theme to reduce load on the server, minimise bandwidth consumption and reduce strain on the end-user's browser.

The theme is battle-tested by organisations in over 50 countries using a wide range of server and client platforms and it's in use on some hugely popular publicly accessible online wikis.

Upgrade Friendly

We've invested considerable effort in making Theme Builder upgrade-friendly. See The Alternatives to find out why this theme makes your life easier.

Version Numbers

By popular request we've added an option to display the Theme Builder and Confluence version numbers at the bottom of pages making it easier to handle support calls:

– pic –

Automatically Convert Builder 2.x Themes

We've made migrating from Builder 2.x to 3.x easier than ever with a fully automated conversion process:

– pic –

Knowledgeable Support

When you contact our support desk, you talk direct to the developers who created the theme. They know it inside and out and they love to solve problems.

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