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Builder 3.3.6 is now generally available please upgrade at your earliest opportunity

Builder 3.3.6 requires confluence 2.8 or above. Confluence 2.7 is no-longer supported

For confluence 2.8.x and 2.9.x please ensure that you download the -conf28 variant

For confluence 3.x and 2.10.x please ensure that you download the -conf210 variant

Our Early Access Programme (EAP) allows interested parties to try out the latest development releases of Theme Builder, prior to the final stable release. As such, you should not use EAP releases in production environments - they may contain bugs or partially complete functionality.

Builder 3.3.6 is a bugfix release primarily to address display issues in confluence 3.0

Builder 3.3.6-RC1

  • Dont escape the excerpt in blog-list
  • Avoid using atlassian's .getExcerpt
  • Fix %targetpagename% replacements
  • Use tinyurls in blog-list
  • Menulink tooltips now default to target page name when not set and valid
  • make blog-archive respect context-paths
  • Backport the trimcomments action
  • Add support for the personal-sidebar

Builder 3.3.6-M3

  • workaround usages of $action in atlassian webui items
  • allow space title & logo to be forced
  • ensure descriptions don't use html
  • ensure cluster-manager exists

Builder 3.3.6-M2

  • Remove putInSession code
  • Make aliases play nicer with relative paths
  • Add space-description macro
  • Update sorted-children to allow for nested children and add context-based classnames
  • Unify the interpretation of space= & page=
  • add flags check to menuitems
  • add notFlags check to builder-show/hide and menuitem

Builder 3.3.6-M1

  • Avoid chimping the entire JS resource is AJS is not present
  • Escape URLS used by editinword
  • Avoid double-scrolling fixed width layouts
  • Update webui context generation to fit better with 3.0
  • Escape values in alias tab
  • Add profile-username macro
  • Allow wikimenu to deal with ordered as well as unordered lists
  • Fix quicksearch drop-down positioning
  • Ensure that the entity is an abstract page before trying to pull the list of attachments


  File Modified
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-3.3.6-M1-conf210.jar Oct 14, 2009 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-3.3.6-M1-conf28.jar Oct 14, 2009 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-3.3.6-M2-conf210.jar Nov 03, 2009 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-3.3.6-M2-conf28.jar Nov 03, 2009 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-3.3.6-M3-conf210.jar Nov 13, 2009 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-3.3.6-M3-conf28.jar Nov 13, 2009 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-3.3.6-RC1-conf210.jar Dec 04, 2009 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-3.3.6-RC1-conf28.jar Dec 04, 2009 by amoran

Reporting Problems

Please report any issues that you find to tracker.adaptavist.com

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