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Our Early Access Programme (EAP) allows interested parties to try out the latest development releases of Theme Builder, prior to the final stable release. As such, you should not use EAP releases in production environments - they may contain bugs or partially complete functionality.

Builder 4.1.0 is a compatibility release to add compatibility for confluence 3.3

Confluence 3.3 is required to run Builder 4.1.0

Builder 4.1.0-M6

  • Fix CCE in watch-menu when viewing space level pages
  • Fix NPE in sorted-children when space's parent cant be found
  • Fix sorting of root nodes in pagetree2
  • Allow move-to macro to perform the move on the server side
  • Add the move-target macro to assist move-to in performing the move on the server side

Builder 4.1.0-M5

  • Update notation guide description for sorted-children
  • Remove comment body from trim-comments notifications
  • Allow layout resources to be renamed
  • Clear css caches when setting the parent space
  • Ensure labels checks fail when not viewing a page/blogpost
  • Allow %count% replacements when the body is empty
  • Add flaglogic.wiki
  • Remove atl_token from tinyurl, history & custom menulinks
  • Clean up the resources tab
  • Ensure @root page is found when viewing pages at the root level
  • Add fav-menu & watch-menu menulinks & update macros to use them
  • Add logging to make it easier to determine which panel & layout is causing an exception

Builder 4.1.0-M4

  • Allow blog- macros to list posts by username, groupname, @self, @owner & @creator
  • Allow confluence colour schemes to be inherited by child spaces
  • Add 'session' & 'user' flag types
  • Prevent 'wikipage' menulinks throwing an exception when the page does not exist
  • Prevent sorted-childen from throwing an exception when the page has no children

Builder 4.1.0-M3

  • Prevent trimcomments from generating an email storm by generating a single 'digest' email instead of individual removal messages
  • Improve class= parameter on {sorted-children}
  • Add switches for page & space siblings for {sorted-children}
  • Add countParent switches to {sorted-children}

Builder 4.1.0-M2

  • Fix manage-layouts condition class
  • Ensure space hierarchy is fully rebuilt
  • Make sorted-children display the space hierarchy when used with @dashboard mode
  • Make sorted-children display the parent page & space siblings (but not their children)
  • Use the correct i18n key for choose-layout
  • Add support for @children spaces in blog- macros
  • Move .getText to BuilderUtils
  • fix import macro notation guide's use of the layout::resource.ext descriptor
  • Allow the spaces displayed by sorted-children & list-spaces to be manually sorted.

Builder 4.1.0-M1

  • Basic confluence 3.3 compatibility


Confluence 3.3 is required to run Builder 4.1.0

  File Modified
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.1.0-M1.jar Apr 21, 2010 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.1.0-M4.jar Jun 02, 2010 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.1.0-M5.jar Jun 11, 2010 by amoran
Java Archive adaptavist-plugin-themeBuilder-4.1.0-M6.jar Jun 17, 2010 by amoran

Reporting Problems

Please report any issues that you find to tracker.adaptavist.com

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