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Theme Builder is designed to not get in the way of content authoring - it changes the way your site looks without requiring any changes to the content.

There are, however, a few things you can take advantage of as content authors...

Cleaner Content

A well-designed theme layout will make your content look super-clean and easy to read.

Which theme would you rather use for your content?

Default Confluence Theme
Left Navigation Theme
Clickr Theme
...or Theme Builder:
Screen grabs of our About page taken using Confluence 2.6.2, February 2008. Click thumbnails to enlarge.

PNG Support in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 5.5 and above can display PNG (Portable Network Graphic) images, however prior to version 7 any transparent regions would be replaced with a pale blue background. Theme Builder fixes this issue, allowing you to safely use PNG images in your content.

PNG rendered in MSIE 6 or earlier

Transparency fixed by Theme Builder

Page-Level Layouts

You can change the theme layout on a page-by-page basis - perfect for creating unique space home pages.

{menulink:use-layout|layout=WWW}one website theme{menulink} or {menulink:use-layout|layout=ADAPTAVIST}another website design{menulink}

Links and Icons

Create links to almost any Confluence feature and external URLs with the ability to specify targets, access keys, classes, relationships, etc. There are also over 800 icons (each in both GIF and PNG format - over 1,600 icons in total) that can be used anywhere in your content.

Moving Content

You can move content from your pages in to the theme layout panels such as sidebars, headers and footers.

In-Page Menus

You can add menus in to your own content, ideal for creating small software simulations.

Convert Mail to Wiki Page

A special menulink macro location allows you to convert the currently viewed mail message from the Space mail archive in to an editable wiki page.

Imported Page Content

Render content from another page or space in the context of the current page - ideal for creating context-sensitive boilerplate content or navigation that can be re-used anywhere in the wiki. Related Tutorial...

Show and Hide

Show and hide blocks of content based on labels, page title, metadata, user group, privileges, etc.

 (!) This document is a DRAFT
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