Community Forums Feature Parity

This section looks at the main feature differences between Community Forums for Confluence Server and our Cloud version. If you are considering a move from Community Forums Server to Cloud, or simply want to know more about our Cloud offering, start here.

There is currently no migration path for your Community Forums for Confluence Server data to our Cloud version.



Mark/Unmark Confluence pages as forum topicsAdd existing Confluence pages to a forum without having to reorganize your space.(tick)(tick)
Sticky Topics at the top of the forumIncrease the visibility of important topics so your teams won't miss out on any information.(tick)(tick)
Search function Quickly find relevant information with a simple search function, saving you time from filtering Confluence search.(tick)(tick)

Forums Menu and Directory are accessible from the Confluence navigation menu

Users can find or create new forums or visit recently viewed forums directly from the drop-down menu, enabling quick and easy information accessibility.

Form Summary and Sub-Forums - Ability to create sub-forums within the forum

Break down large topics into sub-forums for in-depth discussions, bringing more structure to Confluence content at all levels.


Customize forum layout and information displayed using Forums macros

Promote only important information to your audience.(tick)(error)
Activity score, topic views, and statusIdentify popular or trending topics at a glance.(tick)(error)
Latest activities summary pop-upStay on top of your team's activities whenever you land on a forum, so you can update outdated topics or archive non-active ones.(tick)(error)
Create new forums using a built-in blueprintGet started quickly with pre-defined forums configuration and layout.(tick)(error)