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Community Forums is a simple solution that facilitates communication across your entire organization. It is a great tool for creating and sharing knowledge, opening up discussions, and gathering feedback and insight from the people intimately connected to the topics.

Why use Community Forums?

Build stronger and more productive professional and social communities!

Community Forums makes it quick and easy for you and your teams to publish forums in your Confluence pages, add topics, and join discussions. To learn how to create your first forum, have a look at our Add a Forum page.

Spend less time sorting information and more time building knowledge!

Turn any Confluence page into a forum topic, which helps unite relevant content across multiple spaces. Using the Mark as Topic feature, add existing Confluence pages to a forum without needing to reorganize your space.

Forum pages provide useful search and filtering options so you can easily find and track relevant information. You can also promote topics using the Sticky Topic option. To learn more, see our Forum Features page.

If you want to see what Community Forums can do for you, why not visit our page on the Atlassian Marketplace and start a free trial. Here you will also find details on installation, compatibility, and pricing and discover other popular Adaptavist apps for Confluence and Jira. 

Contact us for any other queries or to submit a support request. Our team is always happy to help.

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