Creating an App Link

Once you've added the Workflow Steps for Jira app to your workspace and you want to connect to a Jira Server or Data Center instance, you first need to set up an application link with your Jira instance. Remember, you must have admin access in your Jira instance to set up an app link!

  1. From Slack, click Workflow Steps for Jira in the Apps section.

    The app opens to the Home tab.

    If the app isn't in your list of apps, click the + and search for it by name.
  2. Click Create App Link.

    The Configure New Instance wizard opens. 

  3. Wizard Step 1:
    1. Enter a Jira instance name.
    2. Enter the base URL for the Jira instance you want to connect to your Slack workspace.
    3. Click Next.

  4. Wizard Step 2:
    1. Click Application Links.
      A new browser tab opens to a Jira Administration page. (You may have to log in to your Jira instance.)
    2. Enter into the text field, then click Create New Link.
    3. Return to the wizard and click Next.

  5. Wizard Step 3:
    1. On the Jira browser tab, click Continue when the "No response was received from the URL entered" message appears.
    2. Enter Workflow Steps for Jira in the Application Name field.
    3. Check the Create incoming link checkbox, and leave the remaining fields blank. Then click Continue.
      The Link Applications page appears.
    4. Return to the wizard and click Next.

  6. Wizard Step 4:
    1. In the Jira browser tab:
      • Type steps_for_jira in the Consumer Key field.
      • Type steps_for_jira in the Consumer Name field.
      • And copy/paste the public key text from Step 4 of the wizard into the Public Key field, including the begin/end public key text:
    2. In the Jira browser tab, click Continue.
      A successfully configured app link looks similar to this:
    3. Return to the wizard and click Finish.
      A congratulatory message appears—and deservedly so!

What's Next?

Finished creating a new app link? Sounds like it's time to authenticate with your Jira instance.

Still having issues connecting your Jira instance with the app? Most likely, your network setup is not designed to let you link directly to your Jira instance. Here are some standard steps to take to resolve issues.

Allowlist the IP address

Did you configure a new instance only to find that the app isn't working as you expect? It's not uncommon. You probably need to allowlist the Workflow Steps for Jira IP address so it can pass through your firewall and establish connections with Jira. The IP address of the app is

You only need to allowlist for incoming connections from the app.

What URLs is the app trying to pass?

The Workflow Steps for Jira app needs unhindered access to the following endpoint because Slack has a three-second timeout for request/response interactions. If network rerouting causes delays, end users will experience failing calls to dynamic assets like your Jira project list while interacting with the app.

  • The URL that we are trying to access during the application link setup:
    GET https://YourJiraInstanceURL/plugins/servlet/oauth/request-token/plugins/servlet/applinks/listApplicationLinks 
  • The URL that we are trying to access during the individual’s authentication call with the connected Jira instance:
    POST https://YourJiraInstanceURL/plugins/servlet/oauth/request-token

  • The calls URLs we access during the configuration and execution of the application steps, using the authenticated users access token:
    GET https://YourJiraInstanceURL/plugins/servlet/oauth/authorize

What else could be going wrong?

The Workflow Steps for Jira application authenticates users via an application link. See Atlassian's application-link troubleshooting guide for more information.

Of particular interest is the OAuth troubleshooting section, as these errors are the most common during the initial setup of the app.

Still stuck?

Our application begins the configuration process by pinging the URL you entered in Step 1 of the ‘Configure New Instance’ modal, to confirm the supplied URL is valid and can be reached. Even when our app has whitelisted, we still may not be able to reach the target URL. Some common scenarios:

  • Your Jira instance requires individuals/incoming connections to authenticate via an SSO portal before access.
  • Jira is behind a proxy that redirects and validates network traffic.
  • You have multiple DC nodes and not all node settings are identical. This may cause some calls to the application to fail while others are unaffected, depending on which node is handling the request.

Unfortunately, our app requires access to the URLs listed above. If your network team is unable to allow access to those URLs for the application, then it will not be possible to use the app at this time.