Unlimited Subitems lets you extend the native monday.com information hierarchy by adding as many levels of subitems as you need.

The app creates a visual tree-view that lets you modify and drill down into your extended project structure, so you can accurately reflect how you organize your work on monday.com.

Unlimited Subitems Legacy view

Unlimited Subitems has two views because monday.com has limitations that, for the time being, don't allow subitems migration and hierarchy creation with the old version to the new view. Therefore, by maintaining two views, users don't lose their data but can also start using the latest version.

Main features

  • Accurately reflect your project on monday.com: large projects require tracking at multiple levels. Structure your tasks in their correct hierarchy by adding all the levels of subitems you need.

  • Track multiple assignees, statuses, and timeframes for a single monday.com subtask, as project components often have more than one part. Break down any subtask into child components so you can manage the status, timing, and team members working on each part.

  • See everything at a glance: get a clear and straightforward overview of your extended board hierarchy to identify specific problem areas quickly, understand project component timings, and determine who is working on what.

  • No more workarounds: tired of using checklists on subitems to reflect multiple subitem deliverables? Do it correctly and create individual subitems to capture and track all necessary information.

How to install Unlimited Subitems

Visit the Unlimited Subitems monday.com Apps Marketplace page. Make sure you're signed in to monday.com and click Install.

How to use Unlimited Subitems

Once the app is installed, you can open the board you'd like to use.

Unlimited Subitems cannot modify monday.com's Main Table view.

Select Unlimited Subitems from the view options to use the app.


Create an item from the Unlimited Subitems view by clicking Add item and filling in the field.

Create a Subitem by clicking the right arrow icon to the left of the item's name and then clicking Add Subitem.

Fill in the field to finish creating the item.

Create a subitem for any item or subitem. Repeat the process mentioned above: click the right arrow icon to the left of the subitem's name and then click Add Subitem.

Edit Subitems

Edit any item or subitem by clicking one time anywhere on the item, causing the Edit pop-up menu to appear.
You can also edit by hovering over the desired item, then clicking the three-dot menu to the left of the item, then selecting the Edit option. The same pop-up menu will appear.

Move Subitems

Subitems created using Unlimited Subitems can be moved to new parents: drag and drop items to create your desired structure.

Subitems cannot be reordered within a single level.

Moving rules:

  • No type of item can be moved between boards from our view.

  • When any item is moved, its children are moved with it.


To delete any type of item is simple; click the three-dot menu and then select Delete.

When any item is deleted, its children will be deleted as well.
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