The Time Tracking & Reporting Power-Up is a time tracker tool for logging work and viewing reports.

Our customers find the app useful for billing and invoicing clients, keeping up with accounting, resource planning, timesheets, seeing how much time has been spent on projects, and more. Export formats include Excel (XLSX) and CSV.

Log time

New! Via Timer:

Click the Start Timer button in a card's Time Tracking and Reporting section to begin tracking time.

Once the timer is started, it may be paused at any time. When you're done with the timer and ready to log your time, click Finish. The timer will close, and a time log will be created and available via Reports.

In a card:

Click Log Time in the Power-Ups section of an open card. 

Log Time screen:
Once the Log Time option is clicked, the options for logging time appear as the image below.

Billable checkbox option
Identify client logs and simplify billing for your services using this option.
Click the Billable checkbox option to sort this time separately when entering logged time.

Once time marked as Billable has been logged, it will appear with a green checkmark in the Billable column when viewing time tracked in a card or a report.

At the bottom of the Log Time screen, previously recorded time can be seen and edited if necessary. Also, use the Time Tracking Reports button to go to the Reports screen when desired.

 In the Reports screen:

You can also log more extended work periods all at once on the Reports screen. Use the Log Time button in the upper-right part of the page.


Reports for logged time can be viewed, edited, and deleted in the Reporting screen. When ready, reports can be exported via Excel and CSV files.

Click Reports from any card to see the Time Tracking Reporting screen.

To view/create a time log:

  1. Use the From and To options to select a date range.
  2. Select Card or Member from the Group by drop-down.
  3.  Click View Time Logs.

Use the Download Report button to select the desired file type and save your report locally.

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