Test Management for Jira Server

Working with Data Driven Testing (DDT)

We’re excited to announce that TM4J, Test Management for Jira, is now part of the SmartBear family. Learn more.
  1. Create a test case and enable the test data functionality in the Test Script tab.


  2. Add columns (variables) to the test-data table.
    In the steps, you can reference a column (variable) by typing a { brace (curly bracket), which triggers a drop-down list with column options. When the test case is ready to be executed in the Test Player, the test steps are repeated to ensure complete coverage.


    1. In the Test Player screen, you’ll notice all steps are unfolded in a flat step list. Also, each step will be unfolded during the test execution with the parameter replaced with the values passed by the master test case. Bear in mind, each row in the test data table will create a new group of steps during the unfolding procedure as shown in the image below.