Test Management for Jira Server

Execute a Single Test

We’re excited to announce that TM4J, Test Management for Jira, is now part of the SmartBear family. Learn more.

With Test Management for Jira, small and agile teams can manage testing in a lightweight and straightforward fashion. You can create and link test cases or acceptance tests to user stories/bugs and then fire up single test execution directly from the issue screen in Jira or the kanban board.

Using Test Management for Jira, you can manage your testing efforts without hassle and focus only on managing the test coverage and the test execution.

  1. In the Traceability section of an open issue, select the desired test case and click on the play icon to start a new single test execution without a test cycle.


  2. On the Start a New Test Execution screen, add the tester, environment, and test-case version, then click Start.


    The Test Player screen appears.

  3. Execute the test case.

If you need to resume the test execution, expand the list of test cases, then click the test execution key to fire up the Test Player screen.