Test Management for Jira Server

Configure Jira Global Settings for TM4J

To access and configure global Jira settings that relate to TM4J, click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, then click Test Management for Jira.


Project Administration

Use this setting to enable or disable TM4J projects, either individually or in bulk.

Disabling TM4J projects does not delete data.

config project enable svr


The Analytics option is enabled by default.

When enabled, the Analytics option collects anonymous usage statistics about Test Management for Jira and sends that data to Adaptavist for internal use. This information helps us improve TM4J and provide you with new, useful features.

Please see our EULA and Privacy Policy for additional details.

Global Access Restrictions

Global access restrictions allow you to define which user can access TM4J.

By default, restrictions are off and access is enabled for everyone, but you toggle on the setting and restrict app access to only users listed in groups and roles.

config global access svr

Manage Projects Restrictions

Projects restrictions allow you to define which users have the authority to manage project settings. By default, users with the Project Administrator role have permission to manage project settings. However, you can restrict that authority to users added to groups and roles in this section.

config global access svr

Setting Thresholds to Improve Performance

If your TM4J instance has lots of data, admins can set thresholds (limits) for specific operations to avoid performance issues. Thresholds are available for both test-case and test-execution exports, plus you can limit the number of results generated by the Test Executions (Detailed) report.

You must be an admin to complete this task.
  1. Click Test Management for Jira in the settings menu to access TM4J’s global admin options.

  2. While on the Test Management for Jira tab, click Thresholds from the options in the sidebar.
    Threshold options appear.

  3. Enter the desired threshold for test cases, test executions, or results for the Test Execution (Detailed) report.

  4. Click Save.
    The threshold limits are set.
    If someone on your team tries to export or generate data beyond the set threshold, the following error message appears:


Configuring Time and Date

TM4J uses the same time and date format you have configured in Jira.

Jira system administrators can configure time and date formats on the Look and Feel page.

  1. Click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, then click System.

  2. Scroll down the page, and click Look and Feel in the on the left side of the page (User Interface section).

  3. Scroll to the Date/Time Formats section at the bottom of the page, and configure your settings.
    Keep in mind that any changes you make will affect both Jira and TM4J.

config time date svr