Test Management for Jira Cloud

2018 Changes

We’re excited to announce that TM4J, Test Management for Jira, is now part of the SmartBear family. Learn more.

Check out what’s new for TM4J Cloud in 2018. Here are the changes we document:

  • New Features - Brand new functionality to help you improve your testing efforts.

  • Updates - Changes we’ve made, large and small, that we want you to be aware of.

  • Bug Fixes - Issues we’ve resolved to make TM4J work as designed.

30 Nov 2018

  • New Feature: REST API
    After many months of hard work, the TM4J Cloud team has released the REST API. We beta-tested the API over the last month, collected feedback, and made improvements based on that feedback.

    Today we’re releasing the main functionality, which revolves around publishing test results to Test Management for Jira.

    In future releases, we’ll continue to develop and improve the functionality, next by adding endpoints to create test scripts for a test case.

    If there’s something missing that you’d really like to be included, please make the request via our Support Desk and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

    • Limitations
      In order to make the API available for beta-testing as quickly as possible, we knowingly left a few areas unfinished (though they’re in development). These unfinished items, which are not available for the best-testing phase, include no change history for API updates, and a lack of test-script endpoints.

    • Getting Started with the REST API
      Follow these steps to get started using the REST API.

      1. Review the API documentation for all the details on available API endpoints and data models.


      2. Generate an access key through the Test Management for Jira API key generator.
        For more information, see our Generating Access Keys documentation.

        Complete those steps, and you’ll be ready to use the REST API!
        The URL for API requests is: https://api.adaptavist.io/tm4j/v2/{endpoint}
        The authorisation we use is based on JWT.
        You’ll need to use a Bearer token. Add the "Authorization" header with the value "Bearer {token}".

05 Nov 2018

  • New Feature: 18 Reports
    We’ve started releasing our new report sets and will continue to do so gradually over the next few weeks. Initially there will be 18 new reports under the Test Executions category and, once these have been released to all users, we will roll out each additional new report as it is completed.

    The legacy reports will not be deprecated until all new reports are complete, which will include new versions of the existing four legacy reports.

    Please see the reports documentation for details about how the new reports works.

30 Aug 2018

  • Update: Test Run/Test Cycle Terminology
    We have updated the term Test Run to Test Cycle. The new term is visible across Test Management for Jira but will not affect any behaviour of the application.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed faulty behaviour that occurred while editing test case steps containing multiple tables. The behaviours included a loss of focus and the cursor jumping between tables.

31 July 2018

  • Update: Customisable Grids for Test Cases, Test Runs, and Test Plans
    The new grid view gives to the the user a better visual experience and flexibility to personalize the display options. As a result, it reduces clicks, greatly improving usability and productivity.

    When you are in grid view, you can manage the display in the following ways:

    • Column sorting

    • Showing and hiding columns

    • Pagination

    • Moving columns by dragging and dropping

    Please note, these personalized display options are persisted and associated to the logged in user. Learn about customisation options in Navigation Basics.


  • Update: Show Mandatory Field Errors
    When trying to save a test case, test plan, or test run, the mandatory field errors now display.


  • Update: Importer Removed from Configuration Page
    The file importer has been moved to the test case library screen.


  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed an issue that caused the edit/create box to appear when switching tabs in both the Test Cases and Test Runs view.

    • Fixed an issue caused by using quotation marks during a test-cases search.

    • Fixed an issue with test plans in a test run not filtering properly.

    • We added validation to prevent Jira Issues from being added twice to test case, test run, and/or test plan.

    • Fixed NPE on test results.