Test Management for Jira Cloud

11 Mar 2019

What’s New

Check out the features we’ve recently added to TM4J.

New Help & Support Panel

A Help & Support panel has been introduced for new and power users to have quick access to important links, like the support portal, release notes, user documentation, and more. The user documentation in the panel is searchable, meaning you can find whatever you’re looking for without having to dig through all of the documentation.

release 03 11 1
release 03 11 2

New Report: Test Execution Results (Detailed)

We’ve introduced the Test Execution Results (Detailed) report, which will appear in your instance over the next week or so as we gradually release it.

This report provides an in-depth view of your test executions, including test-step results and any attachments or comments made on execution.

release 03 11 3
release 03 11 4


Here are the most important bugs we’ve fixed since the last TM4J release.

  • Fixed an issue that caused test cycles to not display properly in the Test Cycle view.

  • In the REST API, we added response messages for POST /testcases/{testCaseKey}/links/issues and POST /testcases/{testCaseKey}/links/weblinks endpoints.