Test Management for Jira Cloud

21 Jan 2019

What’s New

Check out the features we’ve recently added to TM4J.

New 'Executed By' Field for Test Executions

The new Executed By field for test executions will be automatically set when a user executes a test in the Test Player. This works alongside the Assigned To field, which can be set when adding a test case to a test cycle.

  • Executed By - The user who has executed the test case. This is updated when a user begins a test execution in the Test Player. This field’s value can be different than the Assigned To value.

  • Assigned To - The user who has been assigned a test case. This field value can be set when adding the test case to a test cycle.

release 01 21 1
For the API, the userKey field now relates to the Executed By field instead of the Assigned To field. If you are using the userKey field to update Assigned To for a test execution, you now need to use the assignedTo field for the API.

New Grid View within the Test Cases Tab on the Test Cycle View

We’ve added a new grid view to the Test Cases view under a test cycle. This view allows you to change which fields are visible and allows you to display the Executed By field.

We’ve also added additional filtering for the grid.

release 01 21 2