Test Management for Jira Cloud

31 Jul 2018

What’s New

Check out the features we’ve recently added to TM4J.

Customisable Grids for Test Cases, Test Runs, and Test Plans

The new grid view gives to the the user a better visual experience and flexibility to personalize the display options. As a result, it reduces clicks, greatly improving usability and productivity.

When you are in grid view, you can manage the display in the following ways:

  • Column sorting

  • Showing and hiding columns

  • Pagination

  • Moving columns by dragging and dropping

Please note, these personalized display options are persisted and associated to the logged in user. Learn more in the documentation page.

release 07 31 1

Show mandatory field errors

When trying to save a test case/plan/run, the mandatory field errors are now displayed

release 07 31 2

Move importer out of Configuration section

The file importer has been moved to the test case library screen

release 07 31 3


Here are the most important bugs we’ve fixed since the last TM4J release.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the edit/create box to appear when switching tabs in both the Test Cases and Test Runs view.

  • Fixed an issue caused by using quotation marks during a test-cases search.

  • Fixed an issue with test plans in a test run not filtering properly.

  • We added validation to prevent Jira Issues from being added twice to test case, test run, and/or test plan.

  • Fixed NPE on test results.