Translate Field Options for Jira Server

Translate Field Options for Jira

Translate Field Options for Jira (TFO) enables Jira administrators to translate custom field options into any language that is available in their Jira instances.

If your organisation uses Jira across multiple countries, users may want, need, or simply benefit from using Jira in their native language. While Jira can translate most of the fields and text that users interact with, field options remain in the default Jira language, potentially making work difficult for those using Jira in other languages.

TFO allows Jira admins to offer field options in a range of different languages, which helps you to fully support your multinational organisation by improving the work experience for remote workers and ensuring compliance with your country’s language laws.

With TFO, you can translate the options that you create for new custom fields for the following custom field types:

  • Translate Fields checkbox

  • Translate Fields radio button

  • Translate Fields drop-down list

  • Translate Fields drop-down list (multi-select)

  • Translate Fields cascading select


Power Up with ScriptRunner

You can use ScriptRunner scripts to work with the values of TFO?s custom field types. You can even use Single Line Text ("Text") fields within behavior scripts for even greater control of your translation options!


Seriously Simple Installation and Setup

It only takes a moment to download the app (free trial or full license purchase), and Jira admins can quickly configure the translation options they desire.

To learn more about installation, compatibility, and pricing for Translate Field Options for Jira, visit the Atlassian Marketplace. Here, you can also read user reviews and discover other popular Adaptavist apps for Jira and Confluence.

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