Threaded Comments is a power-up designed to increase team communication and streamline processes without leaving your Trello boards.

Once installed on your Trello board, Threaded Comments allows users to write a comment and reply on any card.


  • Create a Main Comment on any card.
  • Attach desired images or files using markdown.
  • Reply to the main comment to create a Thread.
  • Mention another user so they're notified of the comment.
  • All comments support links, emojis, and markdown customization.
  • Users can react to comments with included emojis.
  • Show or Hide comment threads to keep your screen organized.
Once Threaded Comments is added to your board, you'll notice a new section for comments inside your Trello cards. To avoid confusion, we recommend disabling the existing Trello comments section. This process keeps existing comments while preventing further comments from being created using the built-in Trello comment system.

Tagging and Notifications

Threaded Comments supports tagging users by using the symbol. Begin typing a specified user's name after the @, and a dropdown selection showing all possible user options will display. Click the desired user from the dropdown to complete the tag.

When a tag is complete, and a comment is saved, the person tagged will see a Bell icon on the card from their board.

 When using a tag in a comment, the commenter will be notified via a badge if a user still needs to sign up for email notifications.

This is the only notification system - the tagged user must view the card's board and comment to see the notifier.

Create your first comment

Once Threaded Comments has been successfully added to your board, follow the steps below to create your first comment:

  1. From a board with Threaded Comments enabled, click any existing card.

  2. The Threaded Comments section now appears under the Description section on the open card.
  3. Click on the text box field reading Write a Comment. The Save option appears.
  4. Write your comment and click Save to create a thread.

After an initial comment is saved, a thread begins. New comments, created and saved from the text field directly below the Threaded Comments header, will create separate threads. 

To reply to a comment in a thread, use the Reply button on the comment.

Edit or Delete

Comments may be edited after initially posted and deleted when no longer wanted.

Click the Vertical Dots icon to the right of a comment you've made to Edit or Delete the selection.

If the initial comment is deleted from the thread, the rest of the thread will remain on the card, and the main comment will read, "This comment was deleted."


To authorize Threaded Comments for use once you've added the power-up to your board:

  1. Click the Threaded Comments power-up from the right-side menu. Then click, Manage my account.
  2. The Manage my Account page opens to the Profile tab. Click Login, and sign in with Trello to authorize.


License type

Threaded Comments is currently available for use with a Board License. A Board License requires a single person to initiate the app for a whole team. Once a user has activated the license, all team members can use the app through access to the board and Trello authorization.


Use the Billing tab on the Manage My Account page to find purchase details for Threaded Comments:

  1. Click the Threaded Comments in the Power-ups section on a Trello board. 

  2. Pop-up options appear; click Edit Power-up Settings.

  3. The Manage my Account page opens to the Profile tab. Click the Billing tab.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts. Users must create an account or log in to the Orah store to complete the checkout.

  5. Select from Monthly and Yearly options for this license type. 
  6. Once payment details have been entered, confirmation will occur, and an email with purchase details will be sent to the license purchaser.


Contact our support team anytime for assistance with Threaded Comments.

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