Controlling the Display of Page Elements

For ThemeBuilder version 5.5.0+ / Confluence 5.9.7+ the flagLogic method has been changed. Please see the Main panel for the logic that controls which sidebar panel to show.


Pages is the start of the breadcrumb trail; if removed, the breadcrumbs would also be removed. The code is in the Title panel:

<ac:macro ac:name="panel-element"> <ac:parameter ac:name="element">page.breadcrumbs</ac:parameter> </ac:macro>

If removed, both Pages and the breadcrumbs will be gone.

If you want to keep the breadcrumbs, then this CSS could be used instead to hide the first list item in the breadcrumbs trail:

.atb-body #breadcrumbs li.first { display: none; }

This leaves a slash in front of the breadcrumbs, and we are also working on the CSS to hide that.

Edit and Tools Menus

The Tools menu is also in the Title panel. The code for this menu is:

<ac:macro ac:name="panel-element"> <ac:parameter ac:name="element">page.content-navigation</ac:parameter> </ac:macro>

You can delete the code or control who sees it using Flag Logic. Flag Logic can be used in two ways:

  • Directly in the macro using the flag or notflag parameters set in the flagLogic panel

  • Together with the Builder Hide and Builder Show macros

For this example, use the Builder Show macro to ensure that only confluence-administrators can see the Tools and Edit menus.

  1. In the Title panel, insert a new line just after the first line  <div id="main-header">.

  2. Use the Insert Macro button to browse and click the Builder Show macro.

  3. Scroll down to the field for Group Membership.

  4. Add the group's name you want to only show the wrapped content to, in this case, confluence-administrators.

  5. Click Insert, and the macro is added to the panel.

  6. Copy and Cut the code for the Edit and Tools menu.

    <ac:macro ac:name="panel-element"> <ac:parameter ac:name="element">page.content-navigation</ac:parameter> </ac:macro>
    1. Paste it inside the Builder Show macro, between the <ac:rich-text-body> tags.

  7. Click Apply. The changes to the panel take effect, and only confluence-administrators can see the Edit and Tools menu.

Labels and Like Areas

The code for Labels and Likes is at the bottom of the Content panel. One macro inserts Labels and Likes code. Delete this code to remove Labels and Likes:

<ac:macro ac:name="panel-element"> <ac:parameter ac:name="element">page.labels-editor</ac:parameter> </ac:macro>

The Space Tools link is part of a block of default Confluence content added in to the With Sidebar panel by this code:

<ac:macro ac:name="panel-element"> <ac:parameter ac:name="element">page.ia-sidebar</ac:parameter> </ac:macro>

To remove elements or control the display of this area, you will need to rebuild the sidebar.