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Can we still use Wiki Markup in ThemeBuilder?

Yes, you can still use wiki markup in ThemeBuilder. There’s an option in the Panel Editor to choose between Storage Format, Wiki Markup, or Plain HTML for each panel. You can use the New Macro Insert and Editor buttons in Wiki Markup mode as well. You just need to remember wiki markup in a skin has to be processed by Confluence so it can be displayed as HTML and that makes it less efficient than rendering in storage format. That extra processing time may be measured in milliseconds, but at the enterprise level this can be a crucial detail, so we recommended using storage format as soon as you’re comfortable with it.

Can we use existing Theme Builder layouts in the new version?

No, we tried really hard to make this happen but just couldn’t. This is mainly because there isn’t an efficient way to allow full backward compatibility with the new skin format. The power and flexibility in skins is such an advancement on previous ThemeBuilder versions that it would have negatively impacted the product to allow old layouts to be imported. We know this was going to be an issue with our loyal ThemeBuilder users, so we created the new, free Layout Exporter app to help you migrate your layout to ThemeBuilder.

With the Layout Exporter, you’ll be able to export a ThemeBuilder layout into the new skin format, but there may still be some manual conversion needed if, for example, you have a theme that uses complex menu code or older, deprecated macros. The thing to keep in mind is that the Confluence 5 user interface has evolved to a point where these older designs really need to be reviewed and updated to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the great new functionality in Confluence and ThemeBuilder.

Do we have to pay for the Layout Exporter?

No, the Layout Exporter app is completely free, and it can be downloaded from the Migrating from ThemeBuilder 4 to ThemeBuilder 5 page.

Where has the panel layout view gone?

The new code used in ThemeBuilder to hold all the Confluence content together doesn’t have the same fixed, table-based framework the previous ThemeBuilder version relied on for content layout. The ROOT Skin recreates the standard Confluence 5 look to give you a familiar starting point for a new design, but because the whole page is now based on HTML divs, not tables, you’re free to pull apart and rebuild a Confluence page in any shape you like when you customize a skin.

Because the panel divs are positioned on the page only when that page is finally displayed in the browser, we can’t show a panel view that resembles the finished page. Now, ThemeBuilder presents all panels in a list where you can edit names and descriptions to help you relate those panels to the correct areas on the finished page. The bonus here is that you are no longer limited by a fixed number or positioning of content panels. You can have as many panels as you want in a skin, nest those panels, and position them where you want with CSS.

Will there be a mobile responsive skin?

The great thing about the new ThemeBuilder is the ability to take Confluence elements out of the standard theme and rebuild them inside your own custom HTML. If you want a theme which meets mobile or responsive needs, you can build that into your skin, exactly as you would with any other web template.

We will also be working on a mobile skin to be released as part of the new Themes For Confluence product.

Can ThemeBuilder control the display of content so it can only be seen by certain groups?

Yes, one of the powerful features in ThemeBuilder is the ability to set conditional logic that controls the display of content under certain pre-set circumstances. This is known as flagLogic, and in previous versions was often used with the Builder Show and Builder Hide macros to wrap logic-controlled content. ThemeBuilder 5 takes this logic a step further by adding into every ThemeBuilder macro the ability to detect and use flags, making conditional display a native part of every function in your skin.

You can read more about FlagLogic in our ThemeBuilder 5 Documentation.

Will there be more support in the paid version?

Yes, for Licenses of 50 users or higher, the paid version of ThemeBuilder will include one year of Help Desk support, plus app maintenance and updates.

For Licenses of 10 and 15 users there will be community support forums, plus app maintenance and updates.

Can the images in the Carousel Macro have alt tags added for accessibility?

As the Carousel macro is a decorative item, the images are added to the page as CSS backgrounds; therefore, they should not need alt tags. We have added an accessibility review of the Carousel Macro into the ThemeBuilder road map, but please contact us if this is an urgent issue for you.

Can I use the ThemeBuilder macros without creating a custom skin?

Yes, if you have ThemeBuilder installed with a current license, you can use any of the included macros, like the Carousel Macro, in any of your Confluence pages.

For ThemeBuilder support, if you cannot find the answer in our documentation, please read the Adaptavist Product and Add-ons Support SLA.