Builder to ThemeBuilder Cheat Sheet

Several terms used in Theme Builder 4 have been changed in ThemeBuilder. The chart below details each of these changed terms.

Theme Builder 4





The collection of editable panels that make up one whole page framework.

Default Layout


The collection of editable panels that all skins inherit from.

Default Layout

Standard Skin

The skin that should be used when a space has not selected a specific skin

Theme Builder

ThemeBuilder Editor

A tool that allows the creation of new skins.

Theme Builder

ThemeBuilder Engine

A tool that allows the display of skins created using the editor.

Global Permissions

Editor Permissions

The list of users who can make use of the skin editor.

Global Layout

Global Skin

The skin is applied to the dashboard if Builder is selected as the Global theme. If no Standard Skins have been selected, the Global Skin will be used.



Apply the base skin to any page by adding this in the URL. Useful for testing.