ThemeBuilder for Confluence Server and DC

Standard Skin

A Standard Skin can be selected and used as a default skin to use when ThemeBuilder is the global theme in Confluence. When a global or personal space does not have a skin specifically selected, the Standard Skin selection is used. This allows you to choose a skin all personal or global spaces should use, and you may then optionally prevent space admins from selecting a skin, thus enforcing your corporate look and feel site-wide. The steps below direct you to the area of Confluence in which you can set the Standard Skin:

  1. Go to the Confluence Administration icon, and select General Configuration.

  2. Choose Standard Skin from the ThemeBuilder section of the left sidebar.

  3. Select the desired options from the Standard Skin option screen.

    standard skin screen
If no standard skin has been selected, the global skin will be used instead.