ThemeBuilder for Confluence Server and DC

Skin Editor - JS

The Skin Editor JS screen allows the use of additional JavaScript or JQuery in your skin.

  1. Click the Edit Custom JavaScript button to open a JavaScript editor.

    The editor has colour context to help you read and edit JavaScript. If you prefer to work in a dedicated JavaScript editor, cut, copy and paste commands will work in this screen. The JS editor popup can also be moved and resized as needed.
    edit custom js
  2. Add the custom JavaScript you want in the editor, and click Apply, then Close to close the editor.

    custom javascript
  3. Click the Save icon under Skin Actions to save all changes made in the JS tab.

    save js fields


The JS content is applied hierarchically, in the same way as CSS. To revert the JavaScript back to that used by the parent skin, use the Revert dropdown in the Script tab of the JavaScript editor.