ThemeBuilder for Confluence Server and DC

ThemeBuilder for Confluence

ThemeBuilder is a web development tool for Confluence that empowers you to fully customise your Confluence theme using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Create an intranet or documentation experience that matches your brand  and is easier for your teams to navigate.  To get the most out of ThemeBuilder, we recommend that your theme is built and maintained by someone with web design or development experience, including knowledge of HTML/CSS. The default editor state of ThemeBuilder uses XHTML-based Confluence Storage Format. You can also use Confluence Wiki Markup or plain HTML.


Customise Confluence to Reflect Your Brand

Build themes to brand your company’s Confluence experience or specify themes for each team’s space. ThemeBuilder has over 30 macros to help you build more powerful Confluence experiences by customising page layout, functionality, and behaviour. Discover more with our Get Started page or have a look at a tutorial to see ThemeBuilder in practice.


Showcase Content with the Carousel Feature

Make your Confluence spaces clearer and easier to navigate with ThemeBuilder menus and create dynamic visual impact with our Carousel feature.


Keep Track of Your Customisations

Keep your code in order with our straight-forward theme manager and easily add your page customisations with our script console. Gain an overview of these powerful and flexible features with our Skin Editor documentation.

To learn more about compatibility and pricing options, please visit the ThemeBuilder for Confluence Server page in the Atlassian Marketplace.

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