Using templates for common automation use cases can save you lots of time versus scripting from scratch. 

A template is a selection of specific connections, triggers, and pre-written code packaged to solve a specific use case. For example, whenever a Jira issue is created in a project, you can use Stitch It to auto-create a Confluence page that links to the Jira issue and populates the page with specified fields from the Jira issue.

Click Templates in the navigation panel to view the available templates.

Getting started from a template (demo)

Watch Stitch It team member Bobby explain how to get started from a template!

Available templates 

The following templates are available, and more will be added as time goes on. Click a link to be taken directly to the template in Stitch It.

Bitbucket Cloud

Bitbucket On-Premise

Templates coming soon!

Confluence Cloud

Confluence On-Premise





Jira Cloud

Jira On-Premise

Jira Service Management Cloud

Jira Service Management Cloud Assets

Jira Service Management On Premise

Jira Service Management On-Premise Assets

Templates coming soon!


Templates coming soon!




Tempo Cloud

Tempo On-Premise

Tempo Planner On-Premise

Templates coming soon!

Tempo Timesheets On-Premise

Share your ideas!  🙋

Have a great idea for a template? Reach out to the team via the Feedback option at the top of any app view to send us an idea.

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