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Welcome, everyone, to the app! How about a brief introduction?

Our app is called Stitch It, and it provides Atlassian and System admins, as well as Atlassian consultants, with an assisted coding environment to script all their Atlassian-to-Atlassian and Atlassian-to-third-party integrations, all in one consolidated hub. Stitch It lets you build more complete integrations than limited point-and-click tools without advanced development skills, so you can solve complex integration challenges.

Stitch It is built by Adaptavist, an Atlassian leader and the maker of ScriptRunner, but it's one of the few Atlassian-to-many cloud-based integration apps in the market that's focused on the Atlassian toolset. That makes it the only Atlassian integration tool you'll ever need to consolidate your connections, reducing your costs, learning, and implementation time while fully solving your advanced integration challenges.

Welcome, beta testers!  ­čą│

We welcome you to the Stitch It beta! We're excited to have you try the app and hear your feedback. 

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Nothing shows you how to use an app quite like a demo, so sit back, relax, and check it out!

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Why we made the app

Neither enterprise and bespoke solutions nor single-purpose integration tools meet the current needs of organizations trying to automate business processes around Atlassian and third-party apps, and none of these options are simple or efficient to manage.

Most often, using any of these alternatives brings with it slow implementation times and a high amount of resources and budget requests that might not be available to system admins or Atlassian consultants.

Lack of consolidation could also lead to integration tools proliferation and an increase in the complexity of your system. Plus, system admins need to automate processes across their tools ecosystem and have little to no time to learn and understand each of the tools that would be required to connect all these apps together.

Furthermore, most of the existing alternatives in the market aren't budget-friendly or easy to implement and often require IT or development resources to include them in their systems.

Not good. Quite bad, actually. So we decided to build something better.

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