Retiring Support for Internet Explorer

From Feburary 1st 2021 ScriptRunner will no longer support Internet Explorer. See our full statement for more information.

New Features

  • SRJIRA-4527 - Text search now looks for a match of the entire string first in Issue Picker fields.

  • SRJIRA-4449 - Issue Picker script fields now display up to 30 preview issues.

  • SRJIRA-4160 - You can now store all environment-specific variables.

Bug Fixes

  • SRJIRA-4590 - The information logged in the Indexing Stats Performance report has been improved.

  • SRJIRA-4578 - Picker fields have been made stattable to allow them to appear in certain gadgets.

  • SRJIRA-4576 - You can now update the SQL in Database Picker fields.

  • SRJIRA-4573 - You can now change the display attribute in LDAP Picker fields.

  • SRJIRA-4488 - DiagnosticsLoggerManager is compatible with com.atlassian.logging.log4j.layout.JsonLayout on Jira 8.