Bug Fixes

  • SRJIRA-4380 - The clearError behaviour was not able to clear out setError.

  • SRJIRA-4374 - AddMissingScriptFieldConfigurationsUpgradeTask skipped custom fields.

  • SRJIRA-4373 - The ScriptRunner plugin presence broke the JSD Customer Portal loading.


Bug Fixes

  • SRJIRA-4338 - When using two select2 fields with behaviours on each, it was possible to get an infinite loop.

  • SRJIRA-4112 - When using behaviours to change options on a checkbox or radio button, field-level scripts did not run because change events were not fired.

  • SRJIRA-4032 - The setRequired behaviour method on User Picker fields could prevent the User Selection drop-down from clearing.

  • SRJIRA-2686 - When using behaviours, clearing all radio button/checkbox options prevented being able to add options.

  • SRJIRA-2416 - Behaviours did not return the value of the Sprint field as expected.