A new feature-length tutorial has been added on using the database picker with a raft of customisations, based on a real external database running in a docker container. Take a look at the Country Picker tutorial.

In ScriptRunner 7 there will be potentially breaking changes for users of the Database Picker - see breaking changes.

New Features

  • SRJIRA-4707 - You can now search for a lower case issue key in the Issue Picker field.

  • SRJIRA-2563 - We now support using behaviours with Mindville Insight custom fields.

Bug Fixes

  • SRPLAT-1319 - Custom scripts returning String from getHelpUrl() did not work.

  • SRJIRA-4719 - renderColumnHtml closure is no longer called with wrong parameters.

  • SRJIRA-4710 - Clone Plus for Jira add-on now works for issues with Issue Picker fields.

  • SRJIRA-4699 - Dynamic forms ProjectRolePicker now persists data correctly.

  • SRJIRA-4696 - LDAP Picker fields now have their values automatically html-encoded.

  • SRJIRA-4690 - Database Picker fields no longer cause an exception in Issue Search.

  • SRJIRA-4688 - There is no longer an error when moving an issue without an Issue Picker field to an issue type with an Issue Picker field.

  • SRJIRA-4686 - Database Picker fields can now be sorted by clicking the column header in the issue navigator.

  • SRJIRA-4638 - Behaviour page no longer fails to load with the Cannot read property 'scriptPath' of undefined error.

  • SRJIRA-3937 - There are no longer hidden lines in the Script Editor

  • SRJIRA-2867 - Show parent issue in hierarchy Script Field no longer breaks when target issue has a parent.

  • SRPLAT-1302 - We have expanded secure shell options to include boolean literals and negation.

  • SRPLAT-1313 - Script configurations can now be saved with a blank inline script.