Ceasing Development on Jira 7

We are no longer developing new features for ScriptRunner versions running on Jira 7. See our Jira 7 Development statement for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • SRJIRA-4681 - Jira agile functions such as previousSprint and nextSprint fail in a safe way when security is overridden.

  • SRJIRA-4670 - Picker fields no longer incorrectly sanitise the entirety of the "view html", rather than just DB or LDAP record.

  • SRJIRA-4662 - firstCommented and lastCommented fields available in the dateCompare() jql function comparison expression now work as expected.

  • SRJIRA-4649 - Webhooks that use previousSprint in their JQL query no longer fail with a NullPointerException.

  • SRJIRA-4611 - Issue Picker required fields now register a valid selection correctly.

  • SRJIRA-4598 - Behaviours mapping to a selected issue type is now working correctly.

  • SRJIRA-4412 - IssueLinkCreatedEvent and IssueLinkDeletedEvent are no longer triggered when the project is not included in the listener’s Project field.

  • SRJIRA-3634 - Script listeners that react to ProjectComponent -based events now take the Project field into account.