• Released 21 Nov 2017.
  • ScriptRunner is now compatible with Jira 7.6.0 and Service Desk 3.9.0.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRJIRA-2548] - Compatibility with Jira 7.6.0 & SD 3.9.0

For how-to questions please ask on Atlassian Answers.


  • Released 02 Nov 2017.

New Features

Script Listeners - New Jira Service Desk and Jira Software Events

Script Listeners are powerful tools that let you react automatically to specific actions in Jira. We have updated Script Listeners to include Jira Service Desk, Jira Software, and other events.

We have added more than 40 new events to Script Listeners, including Sprint started/completed, Agile Boards created/updated, and even SLA-specific events like Thresholds Exceeded.

Copy Project for Jira Service Desk and Bulk Update SLAs

ScriptRunner for Jira now makes administering Jira Service Desk even easier with updates to our Copy Project built-in script, as well a new Bulk Copy SLAs built-in script.

New User Guides for Jira Service Desk and SmartDraw

We are very happy to share best practices guides for how ScriptRunner for Jira can help your Service, Support, and Operations teams. We provided clear examples for you to automatically create a Root Cause Analysis document on a transition, clone and link a development issue from a Jira Service Desk ticket, or even email all watchers of issues linked to a development ticket, so your support teams can spend time supporting your customers, not manually updating tickets.

We have also shown you how to use the new SmartDraw Object Notation (SDON) to automatically generate a diagram of your backlog.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRJIRA-2389] - Missing MentionIssueEvent and MentionIssueCommentEvent etc in Jira event listeners
  • [SRJIRA-2275] - Copy JSD Project
  • [SRPLAT-199] - Spinner not showing when clicking add new item and available canned scripts are not ready
  • [SRJIRA-2386] - Scripted Field with without "type" property in Jira API
  • [SRJIRA-2206] - json for custom fields doesn't handle durations properly
  • [SRJIRA-2433] - Upgrading to 5.0.15 or above then Downgrading causes Script Fields to stop functioning
  • [SRJIRA-2277] - JSD Events
  • [SRJIRA-2453] - Clones an Issue and Links "As User" selection ignored when linking issue
  • [SRJIRA-2238] - Change docs for upgrading to Jira 7
  • [SRJIRA-2276] - Bulk Update SLAs
  • [SRJIRA-2422] - In-Product Help and Community
  • [SRJIRA-2257] - Escalation Service Throws an Exception
  • [SRJIRA-2399] - Copy Project script fails to copy users and roles


  • Released 02 Nov 2017.


Support for Issue Link Events

ScriptRunner now supports the long-awaited issue link events when creating and deleting issue links.

Please refer to the documentation for the IssueLinkCreatedEvent and IssueLinkDeletedEvent.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRJIRA-2268] - Built-In Script: Generate list of approvers based on JSD Request Type
  • [SRJIRA-2379] - Support Issue Link Events
  • [SRJIRA-2385] - Terminate recursive calls back to same scripted event listener