• Released 14 July 2017.


Behaviours and Inline Edit

Instead of disabling inline edit on the view screen entirely, Behaviours will now launch the Edit Issue screen if you try to edit any field with an associated behaviour. The behaviour will be applied there as normal.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRJIRA-2155] - Clearing the Groovy class loader generates an error in Jira 7.0+
  • [SRJIRA-2173] - Scripted Field still called even if issue type is not configured
  • [SRJIRA-2308] - Copy Comments checkbox in a post function not working properly
  • [SRJIRA-2309] - Getting ScriptRunner reindexing failed to reindex Portfolio parent issue
  • [SRJIRA-2313] - Portfolio functions do not work without user context
  • [SRJIRA-2330] - Copy project won't work if installation dir has spaces
  • [SRJIRA-2294] - Add Midori examples to Scripting Other Addons documentation
  • [SRJIRA-2303] - Copy Project Function should skip gadgets that are not supported rather than fail


  • Released 23 June 2017.

New Features

New JQL Functions for Portfolio Users

If you use Portfolio for Jira you can now take advantage of two new functions for traversing the Portfolio hierarchy, allowing you to search for open Initiatives of closed themes, find themes with outstanding epics, epics with no initiative, issues with no children, and so on. Read more.

Choose Fields to Copy in Clone Issue/Create Subtask

The Clone Issue and Create Subtask workflow functions now allow you to much more easily choose which fields to copy using a simple multi-select. Previously it would copy everything and you would have to "null out" those fields you didn’t wish to copy in the additional code section.

Jira Switch User Built-in Script Writes to the Audit Log

When this script is used, it will generate a log entry in the audit log. Read more.

Workflow Functions Validation of Position

Some workflow functions need to be in a specific order in the list of functions. For example, fast-track, if placed on the Create transition, should be after the system workflow function "Creates the issue originally". If they are not in this position they will show an error when viewing the workflow.

In some cases they may work fine as they are, although you will see the error message. If this is the case, just move it as requested. The error message will disappear when it’s in the correct position.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRJIRA-551] - inconsistent scripted field values
  • [SRJIRA-599] - issueFunction can be used to execute a circular reference query
  • [SRJIRA-603] - Copy project script fails - all worked except last Dashboard
  • [SRJIRA-1883] - 404 from behaviours validators.json when on tempo timesheet page
  • [SRJIRA-2081] - Improve send custom email diagnostics when it is before create issue post-function
  • [SRJIRA-2107] - Web items trigger dialog/flag not working for items in the Projects menu (and possibly other menus)
  • [SRJIRA-2135] - Script listener execution information takes long time to load when many are setup
  • [SRJIRA-2150] - Behaviours don't function when creating subtasks in full screen, ie without a dialog
  • [SRJIRA-2164] - Create web panel built-in missing weight form attribute
  • [SRJIRA-2170] - Fast track transition Post function does not remember the transition options
  • [SRJIRA-2184] - Comment group-based JQL predicates need to search on userKey, not userName
  • [SRJIRA-2197] - Bug in SetErrorText that leaves field in incorrect state
  • [SRJIRA-2200] - Setting a drop-down field as "Required" behaviour broken
  • [SRJIRA-2227] - inactiveUsers fails if there are more than 1000 inactive users
  • [SRJIRA-2231] - On ajaxError causes fields override
  • [SRJIRA-2246] - Updating links from atlassian.answers.com in documentation
  • [SRJIRA-2251] - Canned comments failing to insert properly in visual mode
  • [SRJIRA-1056] - Clone issue should optionally copy fields, include watchers
  • [SRJIRA-2300] - As a Jira Portfolio user, I would like Parent Link to operate like Epic/Story so that I am able to surface issues related to larger themes / initiatives


  • Released 23 June 2017.
  • ScriptRunner is now compatible with Jira 7.3.6

Bug Fixes


  • Released 09 May 2017.

Version 5.0.0 was publicly released for a short period of time on Marketplace. Unfortunately due to major issues with that release we pulled it from the marketplace. If you have this version you should upgrade to 5.0.1 which fixes these major issues.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRJIRA-2226] - Text displayed in pink on view issue screen
  • [SRJIRA-2233] - Add button on workflow conditions, validators and post-functions missing


  • Released 26 April 2017.


User Interface Updated

With version 5.0.0 we’ve done a major overhaul of the user interface, allowing for a more user friendly experience and providing a better way of navigating through all sections of ScriptRunner.

Scripts are also now better organized and easier to access allowing for a quicker access to the desired script through a collapse and expand buttons. Together with this, we’ve decided to removed the slow auto-scroll when a script was being edited for a more snappy experience.

The Built-in Scripts options.

The Add New Item option, highlighted on the Script Listeners page.

The Cog drop-down menu, on a Confluence page.

Bug Fixes

  • [SRJIRA-688] - Script fields - using the date template shows relative dates in column view
  • [SRJIRA-1316] - Linked Issue validator not triggering
  • [SRJIRA-2107] - Web items trigger dialog/flag not working for items in the Projects menu (and possibly other menus)
  • [SRJIRA-2116] - Script Registry throws error when workflow function implements CannedScript
  • [SRJIRA-2117] - UserMessageUtil not displaying messages
  • [SRJIRA-2189] - Assignee is not set in behaviours if user picker returns multiple results and the required user is not the first one
  • [SRJIRA-2213] - Ability to use UserMessageUtil from rest endpoint
  • [SRJIRA-2217] - Escalation service is not deleted
  • [SRPLAT-133] - Cannot create a web section with the location of a web item we added