What is HAPI?

HAPI is an API (application programming interface) for doing common tasks in Jira, including managing issues, searching for issues, updating fields and much more! HAPI is a programming language but it is not a new programming language, it is plain Groovy. It's a simpler alternative to Jira's regular API. 

Visit ScriptRunner HQ to find out more about HAPI. 

Check out our HAPI walkthrough video for a demonstration of how to use HAPI.

Who is HAPI for?

Everyone. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced developer, HAPI is for you and your business. HAPI increases productivity and efficiency by allowing you to create automations and customizations faster than ever.

For example, look how simple the HAPI script is for creating an issue:

            Issues.create('ABC', 'Task') {
                setSummary('my first HAPI 😍')


We want all users to be able to script in ScriptRunner, not just those who are familiar with Jira API. We want the barrier to entry to be next to nothing, and we think HAPI achieves that. 

What else should you know?


When using HAPI you'll notice helpful completions. We've developed completions to make your scripting experience even easier. For example, you don't have to remember or search for project keys; HAPI provides you with a list of project keys. The same goes for many other options you previously had to search for or remember. Give HAPI a go and see how many helpful completions there are! 

Keyboard shortcut

You will find the keyboard shortcut Control + Space very useful when using HAPI. This shortcut allows you to display completions when they disappear. There are a number of reasons you could want to display completions again. For example:

  • You’ve started typing and selected the wrong value, so you go back and delete some text and completions no longer display.
  • You’ve clicked out of the script console and when you return completions no longer display.
  • You’ve deleted a chosen option in a string and want to see what all of the options were again.

We also list more keyboard shortcuts within ScriptRunner. You can find these in the script console in the Documentation and Tips section.


We've updated snippets to include HAPI code samples, that way you can get started with just a click! We've added the snippets you will find the most useful. 


We've updated a number of Library scripts to include HAPI methods. If you have used any of these Library scripts in the past, you'll notice they're shorter and easier to understand because of HAPI.


HAPI is compatible with Jira Software and Jira Service Management (JSM).


See our Javadocs for a full list of HAPI classes and API methods.

Latest updates

See our Changelog page for all of the latest updates to HAPI. 

What's next?

Create an issue with HAPI and see how easy it is to use!

If you notice something missing, let us know.

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