Script Post Function - Assign an Issue for Review

  1. First, access the workflow you need to edit.

  2. Enter the workflow’s edit mode. In our example, we’re editing the Virtual Tour Server Management project workflow.

  3. Click the transition you need to add a condition to, and then click Post Functions. For our example, we click Upgrade Issue. We want to apply a post function to the Upgrade Issue transition so that it is re-assigned before it is closed after final review.

  4. Add the ScriptRunner script post function Assign to First Member of Role.

  5. Select the Role for this script post function. For our example, we choose Administrators, as we want administrators to complete the final upgrade review.

  6. Update and Publish the workflow.

  7. When you are finished, you should see the script post function added to the list of post functions associated with the transition. In our example, you can see that we successfully added the Assign to First Member of Role post function.

  8. Use the arrows to the right in the table to move the post function to the final spot. In our case it would be spot 6.

  9. Test your work. In our example, Alexandria Jewell is the administrator for the project, and when the issue was transitioned to Upgraded, she was successfully assigned to the issue.