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Congratulations, you’ve installed ScriptRunner for Jira!

There are two main ways to navigate to ScriptRunner in Jira:

  • Through the Jira Administration menu

  • Using the Administration quick search

Read more about each in the sections below.

Navigating from the Administration menu

  • Click the Cog icon to the right of the top ribbon to open the Administration menu and select ScriptRunner.

  • ScriptRunner is a tab in the Administration console.

    Image of ScriptRunner tab location

Navigating using the quick search

  1. Press the keyboard shortcut gg. A search dialog appears.

  2. Type ScriptRunner into the search and press Enter to be taken to the ScriptRunner Browse page.

Alternatively, you can select one of the related options, such as Built-in Scripts.

Browse feature navigation

Use the Browse page to search and discover all the functionality ScriptRunner has to offer. Save time by typing keywords into the search bar to filter scripts by name or goal, or select categories and filters to discover scripts. To navigate to the Browse page, click ScriptRunner from the Jira Administration menu.

Image of the Browse page


Four components make up the Browse page:

  1. The Search field - Use this free text field to search for keywords.

  2. Categories - Select a category to constrain by functionality.

  3. Filters - Narrow down a category or search results using filters.

  4. Script descriptions - Click the results to navigate to relevant script configuration pages.

Image of Browse feature sections

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