Get Help with Behaviours

If you have any problems, please include the following information in your bug report to Adaptavist Support:

  1. Support Zip - For information on how to create a support zip see the Atlassian Create a Support Zip documentation.

    For instructions on how to set logging for Behaviours, see our Log Levels documentation.

  2. XML Snippet - For the problematic behaviour, follow the XML Storage instructions below.

  3. Custom Field Type Details - Description of any custom field types involved, eg their type.

Disable/Enable Features

If you are having issues with a specific feature of ScriptRunner, we suggest disabling all ScriptRunner scripts for that feature and re-enabling one-by-one to identify the source of the problem. For example, to troubleshoot behaviours:

  1. Navigate to Behaviours.

  2. Click the Cog drop-down under Operations.

  3. Select Disable from the list.

  4. Repeat this for all configured behaviours.

  5. Re-enable behaviours one-by-one and test.

XML Storage

If Adaptavist Support requests the XML text for your behaviour, please follow the below instructions.


  1. Navigate to ScriptRunner → Behaviours.

  2. Click Edit next to the affected behaviour.

  3. Copy the behaviour ID from the URL; this is the last number in the URL. For example, for the behaviour with the following URL, the ID is 1:


  4. Open a new browser tab, and enter the following REST API call, where <behaviourID> is the ID from the behaviour URL:


    For example:

    The behaviours XML is displayed:

  5. Copy the text and send it to Adaptavist Support.


  1. Navigate to ScriptRunner>Behaviours.

  2. Click Advanced Edit next to the affected behaviour.

  3. Copy the full XML snippet and send it to Adaptavist Support.

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