Use Adds a Comment to Linked Issues when this Issue is Transitioned to automatically add a custom comment to all linked issues after the selected issue is transitioned.

Let say that you want to add a comment on a service desk request when the development issue which fixes the request has been transitioned, so the reporter can keep up to date with progress.

  1. Select the Adds a Comment to Linked Issues when this Issue is Transitioned [ScriptRunner] post function.

    For details on how to navigate to ScriptRunner workflow functions, see our Navigating to Workflow Functions.

  2. Enter a description of the post function in Note.

  3. Enter the Condition for which, when true, the post function fires. For example, issue type is Bug.

    If this is left blank, the post function is always triggered.

  4. Select the Issue Link Type. Only issues connected with this link type are commented on if the condition is met.

  5. Enter the comment to post on linked issues in the Comment field.

  6. Click Update