Show Parent Issue in Hierarchy

A field that displays the issue’s parent, where you define what parent means.

This may be especially useful for Advanced Roadmap for Jira users, although its use is not limited to just that plugin.

For example, given the following Portfolio hierarchy:

  1. Theme

  2. Initiative

  3. Epic

  4. Story

  5. Sub-task

You may wish, on each issue to show the parent theme. In this case, set up the field like so:

For each parent extractor chosen, we will try to get the current issue parent using that method. Then continue onwards to the next parent, and so on, until the desired issue type is found (Theme in this example).

So, if we are looking at a subtask, the Subtask-link will find a parent, for a story the epic-story link will find the Epic. Then the Initiative and Theme will be found by the Portfolio Parent extractor.

In case multiple extractors return a parent, the first in the list will "win".

This allows seeing at a glance the top-level Theme or Initiative that you are working towards, even on a sub-task. You can also query on this field, but it’s more effective to use portfolioChildrenOf.