Finds issues with sub-tasks, eg

issueFunction in hasSubtasks()



Returns the sub-tasks of issues specified by the subquery, eg

issueFunction in subtasksOf("project = JRA")

To find unresolved sub-tasks of resolved issues you might do:

issueFunction in subtasksOf("resolution is not empty") and resolution is empty

To find sub-tasks that are Open, but their parent issue has a resolution of Fixed, you could use:

issueFunction in subtasksOf("resolution = Fixed") and status = Open

subtasksOf is analogous to saying "sub-tasks which have a parent selected by the subquery".

You can leave the subquery as an empty string in all these examples if you want.



Returns the parents of issues specified by the subquery. For example, to find closed parents with open sub-tasks in the project JRA, you could do:

status = Closed and issueFunction in parentsOf("project = JRA and status = open")

To find all parent records where I am the assignee of an open sub-task, I could do:

issueFunction in parentsOf("resolution is empty and assignee = currentUser()")

To show parent issues that have at least one open sub-task, in the JRA project, you might do:

issueFunction in parentsOf("project = JRA and status = Open")
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